Jahernotice.com is a unique online portal which facilitates the real estate community to stay updated with public notices that are daily published in newspapers. These notices are related to property. It is conceptualized and designed by esmsys, a leading IT company.

Every day, local newspapers publish public notices related to land title clearing, land and property acquisition, land-related trial judgments, etc. There is a possibility to miss the important notices which may be of interest to you. Jahernotice.com will enable you to overcome this shortcoming with ease.

After registering with Jahernotice.com, a person needs to subscribe for the best suitable plan- that is all there is to it! You will get notifications of any public notice ads which are related to the survey number that you selected. We send alerts through a phone-call, SMS, e-mail and Whatsapp.

Apart from this, Jahernotice also offers other updates related to real estate industry like price alterations in different areas, property prices, real estate investment tips, real-estate related updates and jantri rates, etc.
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