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Jahernotice.com is a portal for all those who are connected with the real estate business- it caters to builders, contractors, real estate brokers, real estate lawyers and individuals in addressing three major concerns – (1) Property Protection, (2) Area / Village Alerts and (3) Ease of Property Transactions.

1) Property Protection: By registering your land / property with jahernotice.com, one can protect the property against any fraudulent transactions by receiving instant notifications / alerts through SMS, e-mail, WhatsApp and a Personalized call.

There are three ways in which we protect your property: Basic Protection & Ultimate Protection.

(a) Basic Protection: By simply adding the name of the village and property details (Survey No. & T.P./ F.P. No.), you can protect your property against fraudulent transactions and receive instant notifications / alerts through SMS, e-mail, WhatsApp and a Personalized call.

(b) EPP (Essential Property Protection): Get monthly statement of the latest 7/12 changes on your land/property. With this you can keep track of any kind of deal, loan, obligation or dastavej being reflected on your 7/12 of your land/property.

(c) Ultimate Property Protection: Periodically get the latest Government certified copy of your Land/Property 7/12 Utara along with last one year Registered Search Report which will let you know if any changes have happened on them – whether fraudulently, or by clerical mistake or knowingly!

2) Area / Village Alerts:

a) Area Alert: Get information on public notices of your preferred areas / villages on your fingertips through SMS, e-mail & WhatsApp on a daily basis. Stay updated about the current market trend i.e. where land sell/buy activity is taking place on a larger scale. Manage, share and analyse the public transactions as per your requirement for making a profitable future investment.

b) Government T.P. Alert: Receive alerts and information of any particular Govt. Town Planning (T.P.) Scheme notices issued on any village / area of your choice.

c) Auction Alert: Make profitable investments on land / property being auctioned in your preferred area/village. Get alerts along with other details issued in the Auction Notices.

3) Ease of Property Transactions: It provides several valuable & essential time saving services for a real estate land / property transaction on a single platform.

  • Title search: Search past title notices for safe land transactions!! Simply enter Village, Survey Number, Society Name, etc. and get details of all past title notices issued for that particular property. Even before contacting a lawyer, by using the title search service, you can check the land transaction history to ensure that it is free from any encumbrances.
  • Aajni Jaher Notices: Get all daily public notices published in all local dailies at a single click on a single page and get rid of the necessity to go through all the daily newspapers for tracking them. This can prove to be very economical, convenient and lucrative when compared to other sources of tracking jahernotices. Save your valuable time, resources and money through this convenient feature of Jahernotice.
  • Jantri Rates: Get Government approved Jantri rates of any village and any category of land in a few clicks along with its exact stamp duty. You can also share the Jantri rates with your family / friends via e-mail and SMS.
  • Jamin Buy/Sell: A unique platform for Jamin Buy/Sell. Simply post your requirements for buying / selling land in a village / area with an inbuilt option of recommended price. You also have an option to post your own price. Get connected with people interested in your post, negotiate on your own terms and get the deal done!!!
  • Land Records Get all types of government certified documents such as, latest 7/12, 8-A, Form 6, Title Search, Registered search report 51/52, of your land/property at your doorstep without having to visit any government office!
  • Find lawyer: Find a list of accredited lawyers working in your area in just a few clicks through various search options (search by name, firm name, area of operation, pin code, etc.). Get connected with the lawyer of your choice for your desired land / property related transaction. This service proves to be very useful when one is not well-acquainted with the domain knowledge of real estate, land and property.

Protect your Land/Property from fraudulent transactions

Register your Land & Property with jahernotice.com and get protection against any fraudulent transactions by receiving Instant Notifications / Alerts through SMS, E-mail and a personalized call.

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