How Property Protection will help You?

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You will be alerted on the same day if anyone tries to buy, sell, mortgage, auction or challenges or alters ownership of any land or property by issuing a public notice in any newspaper of Gujarat. Plus you will periodically get the latest Government certified copy of your land and property documents which will let you know if any changes have happened on them – whether fraudulently, or by clerical mistake or knowingly!

EPP (Essential Property Protection) : Get monthly statement of the latest 7/12 changes on your land/property. With this you can keep track of any kind of deal, loan, obligation or dastavej being reflected on your 7/12 of your land/property.

You will be notified by, when :

  1. Any transaction happens on your land and property
  2. Any type of upcoming government project affects it
  3. Your land or property is notified for auction
  4. Government issues re-survey or promulgations notice
  5. Anyone tries to mortgage your land or property
  6. A power of attorney is made, altered or cancelled
  7. Anyone has made or cancelled a dastavej or banakhat on your land or property

Protect your Land/Property from fraudulent transactions

Register your Land & Property with and get protection against any fraudulent transactions by receiving Instant Alerts through SMS, E-mail and a Personalized Call.



Title Search Images

ટાઈટલ Search

Search past title notices on any land / property for safe land / property transactions to ensure that it is free from any encumbrances!!

Land Record Images

Land રેકોર્ડસ

Easily place request to avail any Govt. certified land record for your land / property document at a nominal rate!! Receive your requested Land/Property documents at your doorstep.

Area Alert Images

એરિયા Alert

Daily alerts on Land/Property deals of your preferred Areas/Villages, stay updated on current market trend and take an informed decision for profitable investment!!

Jantri Rates Images

જંત્રી Rates

Up to date and accurate Government approved Jantri rates for any type of Land & Property along with exact Stamp Duty in a single click! See it, Share it!

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