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This is the quickest way to find Jantri Rate along with Stamp Duty for any type of land or property. All the rates are Government approved and you get accurate results in seconds, without visiting the Revenue offices of any Taluka or District office for enquiry!

  1. Buying a home, flat or office space? Check out the Jantri right away!
  2. All Rates are Government approved, no need to visit Revenue office
  3. Instant Stamp Duty calculation
  4. Compare Jantri for different categories and plan your investment more profitably
  5. Bargain better with instant knowledge of Jantri and Stamp Duty amount

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પ્રોપર્ટી Protection

Get instant alerts (through SMS, e-mail and a personalized call) about any transactions on your land/property and get protected from fraudulent transactions!!

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ટાઈટલ Search

Search past title notices on any land / property for safe land / property transactions to ensure that it is free from any encumbrances!!

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Land રેકોર્ડસ

Easily place request to avail any Govt. certified land record for your land / property document at a nominal rate!! Receive your requested Land/Property documents at your doorstep.

Jantri Rates Images

જંત્રી Rates

Up to date and accurate Government approved Jantri rates for any type of Land & Property along with exact Stamp Duty in a single click! See it, Share it!

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